Be the change you want to see in the world.

Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch is always in need of additional hands to give magic to our rescued cats.

Are you one with us? Do you believe in the same advocacy we do? Then you may want to join our volunteer program. This has many aspects which include saving them from the streets, facilitating their integration to the shelter, up to taking care of them until a potential owner comes along.

Volunteer in the Shelter

Volunteering in the shelter entails the all around ground work namely, helping prepare food, assisting in the clean up, and checking on other possible needs our pets would have. We usually keep tabs on what need what, and their vet’s appointment. For cats with special condition that undergo treatment, we ensure that their medication is up to date and they are eating well.

Shelter works also include organizing pertinent documents, and assisting with the smooth processing of cat adoption among potential owners.

Volunteer on the Streets

Do you think you have what it takes to be the cat whisperer? Then this may be a good volunteer job just for you. We have a schedule street sweeping twice a month that enable us to monitor cats that have lost their ways, or abandoned kittens in the city. They are not usually on the best conditions, thus needing all the assistance, Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch can provide.

Cats who have suffered abuse sometimes could be a little bit hostile. As such, we need people who know how to handle them on this situations. We need to get them safely so they can be prevented from hurting civilians.

Through our combined efforts, we hope to create a better living environment not only to cats, but to the community as well.

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