The New Beginning

The New Beginning

Posted November 15 13:44:11

I’ve been hearing people claiming of the good things having pets have caused their lives. At first, I was doubtful. I thought them just overreacting until a few weeks ago.

I was on my way to Target when I heard it. Just tiny whimpers beyond the bushes. I was not usually an investigative type of a person. I almost always tamper my curiousity because I am aware that most of the time it could lead you to no good. I don’t know what came to me that day when I decided to peer over the slight growth. But what I saw were a bunch of little kittens.

Of course, I thought of just leaving them behind. I have no experience in handling pets, and that was not the time I wanted to start. But my heart broke with every whimper I hear from them. Many scenarios flipped into my mind, many exhibited the possible outcome of just abandoning them there. Most of them bad and would immediately end their mortality.

So I decided to get a box and take them home with me. I’ve heard of the Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch and thought of calling them to pick up the kittens. I called them alright. Within hours, they were already at my doorsteps. They took the box with every kitten inside, except one. The little dude just immediately formed a bond that he kept on escaping to climb me when he had the chance.

I immediately formed a bond with him and asked them to let me adopt it for a while to see how it goes.

To say that it was life-changing was an understatement. I named him Tom, and he since then became my everything. All my depressions go away whenever I see him or he comes sit with me. I just realized what I am missing when I had him.

Now, I am thinking of dropping by the Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch and getting the rest of the litter.

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