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Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch is an organization founded and funded by cat lovers out there. The goal is simply not to be on watch of stray cats roaming the streets, but also ensure that they are not posing any danger to the society.

Cats As Important Part of the Society

Cats are known to be good pets. Their kind is considered to be one of the most common species found in a household. They could be really low-maintenance at times which is good especially for owners who are always engaged with work and other extra-curricular activities. If trained right, they could just be left behind to fend on their own.

This is why cats are so lovable creatures. In fact, tracing the history back to the ancient Egypt, cats are not just well-loved, but are treated highly as well. Their well-being is prioritized, being placed above all material things in the world – even human lives. Cats have been depicted as Gods, and to kill one is punishable by death.

This is why, it’s extremely saddening how people turned from regarding cats highly to being the ones to push their execution. The main reason? Their growing number which is now considered as a menace to the society; the demand for them to be a special ingredient to some delicacies; and their ability to multiply fast.

But is this really the best action plan?

The Organization

Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch is an organization that helps in rescuing stray cats and finding them the right home. We are composed of individuals who are cat lovers and animal right advocates. We don’t believe in killing them. We believe in nurturing them through responsible “cat parenting” and controlled cat breeding.

Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch houses newly saved cats at their facility in Madison, WI. We have a comfortable housing there where cats could roam around freely and receive the care they deserve. Our garage door in Shelby-Township are made with the highest quality of insulation that helps in providing the right temperature for the shelter. Plus, we have volunteer workers who come everyday on a shifting schedule just to ensure that nothing about the health of the cats are compromised.

In our facility, we also have an in-house vet that monitors the cats’ activities. We help them integrate in the group especially those who have exhibited trauma due to the abuse they experienced from their past owners. We treat wounds, and other diseases and nurse them back to good health.

How do we manage?

Simple. We are not alone. Since the founding of Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch, we have been receiving generous sponsorships, donations, and aid during our most difficult time. This is what kept us afloat – what gave us hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the day, the labor is worth it. We get to see our beloved cats have their homes, and homes have another lively spirit to make it whole.

The New Beginning

Posted November 15 13:44:11

I’ve been hearing people claiming of the good things having pets have caused their lives. At first, I was doubtful. I thought them just overreacting until a few weeks ago.

I was on my way to Target when I heard it. Just tiny whimpers beyond the bushes. I was not usually an investigative type of a person. I almost always tamper my curiousity because I am aware that most of the time it could lead you to no good. I don’t know what came to me that day when I decided to peer over the slight growth. But what I saw were a bunch of little kittens.

Of course, I thought of just leaving them behind. I have no experience in handling pets, and that was not the time I wanted to start. But my heart broke with every whimper I hear from them. Many scenarios flipped into my mind, many exhibited the possible outcome of just abandoning them there. Most of them bad and would immediately end their mortality.

So I decided to get a box and take them home with me. I’ve heard of the Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch and thought of calling them to pick up the kittens. I called them alright. Within hours, they were already at my doorsteps. They took the box with every kitten inside, except one. The little dude just immediately formed a bond that he kept on escaping to climb me when he had the chance.

I immediately formed a bond with him and asked them to let me adopt it for a while to see how it goes.

To say that it was life-changing was an understatement. I named him Tom, and he since then became my everything. All my depressions go away whenever I see him or he comes sit with me. I just realized what I am missing when I had him.

Now, I am thinking of dropping by the Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch and getting the rest of the litter.

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